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Expand your practice with business advisory and payroll


bookkeeping and payroll services

Agency payroll and Finance personnel should be communicating the provided details, so when the warrant is received, it can be sent with the required documentation. Failure to do so may result warrants being rejected and returned to agencies which will result in employee contributions not posting timely to their accounts. Earned wage access services allow consumers to access proceeds, or their earned but unpaid income, before their regularly scheduled payday, under HB 2560. The bill defines consumers as Kansas residents, which may be based on the mailing address they use when signing up for earned wage access services. This content is for information purposes only, is provided free of charge and it is intended to be helpful to a wide range of businesses. Because of its general nature the information cannot be taken as comprehensive and they do not constitute and should never be used as a substitute for legal, accounting, or tax advice.

bookkeeping and payroll services

It’s stripped down for businesses that just need easy payroll, with flexibility to add on services as you grow. Employees can then use a left-hand menu to find more detailed information, such as their health benefits options and performance reviews. Simple forms and digital signing tools allow employees to complete documents and reviews in a fully digital format, even on a small screen. At a starting PEO service price of $59 per employee per month, its monthly per-employee fee looks high at first glance, but it could be well below the cost of an HR hire and goes lower the more employees you have. The co-employment relationship also means Justworks takes on some legal employer liabilities so you don’t have to, which isn’t the case for software-based payroll services.

Kansas Becomes Fourth State to Regulate Earned Wage Access

The rate goes down to $70 per month for months that are almost complete. The best payroll services offer core capabilities, ample software integrations and other key features that may or may not match your company’s current size and payroll needs. In my experience, setting up automations was as intuitive as possible, given the large ripple effect each automation produces.

No matter how many employees are on your payroll, you can choose the level of technology to adapt to your needs and add services as you see fit. The complete large business payroll and HR solution, helping you stay compliant, train employees, gain insights through custom analytics, and more. We provide our clients with a modified form of cash basis bookkeeping. With this system, we record transactions as soon as the money has been deposited into your bank or charged to your bank/credit card. You can also book a call with your bookkeeper (or send them a message) whenever you’d like. There’s no extra fee or hourly charges for support—we’re always happy to nerd out about bookkeeping and your financial statements.

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Gusto offers three plans for companies looking to manage payroll for both full-time employees and contractors. Payroll4Free lets you pay both employees and contractors, and processes all year-end forms such as W-2s and 1099s. In addition, they offer an employee portal, a nice feature for any payroll service, and particularly nice for a bookkeeping and payroll services free service. Payroll Mate from Real Business Solutions offers an affordably priced payroll application ideally suited for small businesses that prefer an on-premise application. Payroll Mate can only be used on Windows operating systems, and does not offer online access, though the product can be hosted on a remote server if desired.

bookkeeping and payroll services

It’s up to you to channel the money to all the right recipients by the agreed dates. Make sure you understand when the money is due to each party, and transfer it on time. Payroll is critical to keeping employees happy, but it’s also important to keep the government happy.

Pathfinder Retirement Plan coverage begin date

Bookkeeper360 offers both accounting and cloud-based bookkeeping services and business advisory services. Bookkeeper360 is also the only provider in this guide that works with Xero. While it doesn’t offer many of the advanced tools that other online bookkeeping services provide, it’s easy to use and has a quick setup process.

bookkeeping and payroll services